Mission and Vision


METIS, realizes projects of universal dimensions. In all of her activities, METIS always considers the development of the country worked in, the progress of world civilization and the satisfaction of its customers, project partners, employees and shareholders as its top priorities.


  • METIS is determined in completing every project that it undertakes; it is open, transparent, innovative, and bases decisions upon knowledge processing and pioneering in all its fields of activity. METIS is sensitive to and respectful of the history, traditions, beliefs, laws, environment and ways of life of all countries where its activities are located.
  • METIS invests continuously in human resources, knowledge and technology, and new management systems, ever basing her development upon this method in order to be competitive, to achieve better risk management and to deliver products and services on time, within budget and with the quality assured.



METIS is always reliable in every work it does, keeps its promises, does its work well and continously improves its prestige.

  • METIS is aware of the responsibility of regulating her activities in line with normative and institutional forms.
  • All the units of the METIS are aware of the responsibility to work in accordance with the goal of gaining respect worldwide.
  • METIS realize its activities by bringing added values to and making a difference in their acquired works.